L. A. Orbeli Institute of
Physiology NAS RA


Awards 2017

  • ANSEF 2017 - Hovhannes Arestakesyan (Laboratory of Immunology and Tissue Engineering, Junior Researcher, PhD student),
    Development of in vitro model of cardiotoxicity of Macrovipera lebetina obtusa crude venom on the structure and function of cardiomyocytes and cardiac fibroblasts
  • ANSEF 2017 - Arsen Kishmiryan (Laboratory of Toxinology and Molecular Systematics, Researcher, PhD student)
    Immunohistochemical investigation of snake toxins effect on neuromuscular junction
  • ANSEF 2017 - Ashot Meltonyan (Laboratory of Toxinology and Molecular Systematics)
    Surface acoustic waves-based molecular recognition of a collagen receptor on human erythrocytes
  • Graduate Research Support Program (State committee of science) - Gevorg Ghukasyan (Laboratory of Toxinology and Molecular Systematics, Junior Researcher, PhD student)


  • Integrative, plastic properties and mechanisms of the central regulation of motor and vegetative functions of nervous system
  • Introduction of telemedicine electrocardiographs in Armenia. (Dr. Rafik Sargsyan)
  • Anti-tumor effect investigation of obtustatin and crude Macrovipera lebetina obtusa venom (Dr. Narine Ghazaryan)
  • Neuroprotection by Macrovipera lebetina obtusa (MLO) venom in Aβ25-35 model of Alzheimer’s disease: Theory to Experiment (Dr. Narine Ghazaryan)
  • Membranotropic properties of phospholipases A2 and disintegrins from Macrovipera lebetina obtusa Levantine viper venom (Dr. Naira Ayvazyan)
  • Angiostatic activity of disintegrins from Macrovipera lebetina obtusa and Montivipera raddei venoms in experimental melanoma growth
  • Developing Tools for Conserving the Plant Diversity of the Transcaucasus (Dr. Naira Ayvazyan)
  • ARMAZEG: Developing tools for lifelong learning in Transcaucasus region: e-Learning. (Dr. Wim van Petegem, KU Leuven, Regional focal point - Dr. Naira Ayvazyan)