L. A. Orbeli Institute of
Physiology NAS RA


"Scientific-Educational Center for Fundamental Brain Research" Education Improvement program

The foundations for long-term cooperation are being laid

It is almost a year since our cooperation with Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi has started and is being successfully carried out as a partner organization for the grant project "Scientific-Educational Center for Fundamental Brain Research" implementing under Competitive Innovation Fund second main stage of the "Education Improvement" program.

According to the Memorandum of Cooperation between the institutions bilaterally signed in April 2019, we have taken a number of steps aimed at supporting the coordinating institution, i.e. YSMU, while implementing the obligations under the grant agreement.

According to the memorandum of cooperation concluded between the institutions, bilaterally certified in April 2019, we have taken a number of steps.

Various trainings have been organized and carried out with the joint efforts of our institutions, particularly YSMU PhD students A. Soghomonyan and G. Karapetyan have passed distance & practical scientific-educational module of Neurophysiology in the Laboratory of Neuroendocrine Relationships of our Institute. The best example of mastering knowledge is the publication of a scientific article co-authored by the PhD students and laboratory researchers in the authoritative journal “Pharmaceuticals”.

Another training program is being implemented in the Laboratory of Histochemistry and Electron Microscopy, where researchers from the YSMU Neuroscience Laboratory K. Fereshetyan and M. Mirumyan master the technique of preparation and analysis of histological samples by participating in a number of neuromorphological studies.

Due to these and other activities the establishment for long-term and multilateral cooperation is being laid and hopefully, the fruitful results will follow soon.