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Journal club

June 07, 2018

On 7th of June at 15:00 will be a presentation of Vahagn Khachatryan - PhD student, Junior Researcher from Laboratory of Histochemistry and Electromicroscopy.
"Differential diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases using structural MRI data"


May 24, 2018, 3pm

The Crosstalk will take place at L.A. Orbeli Institute of Physiology.
The dominant mechanism causing disuse muscle atrophy is decreased protein synthesis/proteolysis.
(Team 1 - Narine Ghazaryan, Anna Darbinyan, Misha Poghosyan)
(Team 2 - Hovhannes Arestakesyan, Arev Avagyan, Armine Isoyan)

The domestic antivenom for lebetina viper will be in demand.

May 09, 2018

Interview with N. Ayvazyan. The article is in Russian.

Journal club

May 17, 2018

On 17th of May at 15:00 will be a presentation of Gayane Kirakosyan - PhD, Senior Researcher from Laboratory of Toxinology and Molecular Systematics.
"Resource limitation prevents the emergence of drug resistance by intensifying within-host competition"

Dissertation Defence - Sahakyan Narine
April 26, 2018 / 14:00/

The protective role of taurin in the mechanisms of development of psychoemotional stress

Journal club

April 19, 2018

On 19th of April at 15:00 will be a presentation of Lilia Hambardzumyan - PhD, Researcher from Laboratory of Sensorimotor Integration.
"β-Amyloid accumulation in the human brain after one night of sleep."

Presentation, Roza Izmailyan

5, 12 April, 2018

On April 5 and 12, at 15:00 will take place a presentation of Roza Izmailyan - Researcher, PhD from Institute of Molecular biology NAS RA.
Topic of presentation: "Integrin β1 Mediates Vaccinia Virus (family of poxviruses) Endocytoses through Activation of its downstream PI3K/Akt Signaling".

Youth school: Current issues of clinical and applied toxinology

October 17-20, 2018

Youth School "Current issues of clinical and applied toxinology" will take place at Institute of Physiology after L.A. Orbeli on October 17-20th, 2018.

Our Science has a concrete application.

March 27, 2018

Our Science has a concrete application. Interview with Naira Ayvazyan. mostga.am
The article is in Russian.


March 29, 2018, 3pm

The Crosstalk will take place at L.A. Orbeli Institute of Physiology.
Rotors have/have not been demonstrated to drive human atrial fibrillation

Journal club

March 22, 2018

On 18th of January at 15:00 will be a presentation of Diana Terzyan from laboratory of Central Nervous System Physiology. "Болезни и изменения клеточного метаболизма"

Scientific Program Funding

March 03, 2018

The Ministry of Education and Science RA State committee of science and Russian Foundation of Basic Research Grant:
Naira Ayvazyan - "Vipera venom's desintegrins regulatory activity on integrins during abnormal growth of cancer cells and thrombocytes aggregation"

January 25, /15:00/ 2018

1.Proton permeation through HV1 requires transient protonation of a conserved aspartate in the S1 transmembrane helix.
2.Proton transfer in Hv1 utilizes a water wire, and does not require transient protonation of a conserved aspartate in the S1 transmembrane helix.

US ambassador to Armenia Richard Mills visited Institute of Physiology

December 19, 2017

US ambassador to Armenia Richard Mills visited Institute of Physiology after Orbeli NAS RA to get acquainted with Fulbright Program Implementation. The article is in Armenian.

Dissertation Defence - Maryam Mohamadvarzi
December 26, 2017 / 14:00/

Morphological and functional alteration of erythrocyte ghosts and giant unilamellar vesicles caused by montivipera latifi venom.

Final Student Presentation

December 21, 3-5pm, 2017

Final Student Presentation. Hands-on Course on Tissue Engineering. Main Conference Room The Orbeli Institute of Physiology. Everyone is welcome!

December 17, /13:00/ 2017

Most of the cardiovascular consequences of OSA are/are not due to increased sympathetic activity.

Armenian students can grow organs

December 4, 2017

Reportage of "Mir24" tv about hands-on course on Tissue Engineering. L.A. Orbeli institute of Physiology. The TV program is in Russian.

Constellation of Orbeli

November 11, 2017

В Институте физиологии НАН РА прошла научная конференция "Информационный потенциал биологических объектов", посвященная памяти братьев Орбели и приуроченная к 135-летию одного из основателей эволюционной физиологии, генерал-майора медицинской службы, вице-президента Академии наук СССР, члена нескольких европейских академий и научных обществ Леона Абгаровича Орбели.

Armenian doctors will have an alternative for skin transplantation

October 06, 2017

Dissertation Defence - Lilit Avetisyan
November 16, 2017 / 14:00/

Evaluation of neuroprotective efficiency of phyitotherapy in recovery of injured sciatic nerve in condition of diabetes

«Informational potential of biological objects»
11-13th of October, 2017/

International jubilee session «Informational potential of biological objects » dedicated to the 135th anniversary of Leon Orbeli, which will take place on the , in Yerevan.

Dissertation Defence - Danielyan Irina
October 5, 2017 / 14:00/

Influence of some functional and pathological processes on the Integrate indicators of the organism

Dissertation Defence - LILIT DARBINYAN
September 22, 2017 / 14:00/


Dissertation Defence - Marina Tatoyan
September 14, 2017 / 14:00/

Physiological changes of erythropoesis in ontogenesis of pigs

Dissertation Defence - Hovhannes Arestakesyan
July 24, 2017 / 14:00/

Specific effects of Macrovipera lebetina obtusa snake venom on cultured myocardial cells

Dissertation Defence - Anush Tumanyan
June 29, 2017 / 14:00/

Study of the functional state of brain with estimation of the sensomotor and vegetative spheres of regulation

Dissertation Defence - Armine Isoyan
June 22, 2017 / 14:00/

Indices of effectiveness of Stevia rebaudiana and Glibenclamide in fructose-induced metabolic disorders

May 18, /13:00/ 2017

Diffusion limitation of O2 from microvessels into muscle does/doesn't contribute to the limitation of V̇O2 max

"Stepan Gishyan" Grant Award, Laboratory of Immunology and Tissue Engineering

May 06, 2017

Article is in Armenian.

Goals and perspectives. Interview with Naira Ayvazyan

May 4, 2017

Article is in Armenian.

Dissertation Defence - Lusine Ghulikyan
April 4, 2017 / 14:00/

Protective influence mechanisms of Macrovipera lebetina obtusa snake venom on the animal models of Alzheimer's disease and Crocker sarcoma.

Dissertation Defence - Zaruhi M. Mirijanyan
March 23, 2017 / 14:00 /

The correlation of excitation and depression in spinal and substantia nigra neurons on the model of Parkison`s disease under action of Vipera Raddei venom.

Dissertation Defence - Neda Behnam Dehcordi
December 16, 2016 / 14:00

The study of the functional characteristics of hemodynamic and respiratory system of young football players.

Optical and Opto-acoustic Brain imaging: Watching and listnening the Brain - Dr. Saak V. Ovsepian

November 21, 2016 / 13:00

We are happy to announce that on 21th November, at 13:00, at L. A. Orbeli Institute of Physiology (1st floor, Conference Hall) will take place a presentation of Dr Saak V. Ovsepyan - Ph.D. Senior Investigator at Institute of Biological and Medical Imaging Helmoltz Zentrum Munchen & Department of Biological Imaging at Technical University of Munich.
The topic of presentation is "Optical and Opto-acoustic Brain imaging: Watching and listnening the Brain".

Dissertation Defence (DSc) - Hasmik Galstyan
December 12, 2016 / 14:00

Physiological aspects of populational monitoring of the health status of Nagorno Karabagh schoolchildren and students and the factors shaping it.

Dissertation Defence - Anahit V. Vardanyan
December 1, 2016 / 14:00/

Morpho-functional study of structures of short- and long time memory of the brain on the model of Alzheimer’s disease in condition of protection by galarmin.

Tissue engineering, real perspectives.

25 October 2016,

Tissue engineering, real perspectives. Interview with the head of laboratory of Tissue enginering and Immunology L.A. Orbeli INstitute of Physiology Zaruhi Karabekyan. Text in Russian

Training course “Introduction to molecular phylogenetics”

07-18 November 2016,

We are happy to announce a course “Introduction to molecular phylogenetics” in the framework of collaboration between the Institute of Botany of NAS RA, L. Orbeli Institute of Physiology of NAS RA, the Young Biologists Association NGO with the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem. Read more...

Oxford style Debate

September 29 2016, 13:00

Crosstalk is a set of short editorial articles debating controversial topics in physiology. There will be two controverisal topics for each time, which will be disputed by two groups of participants. Read more...

SEMINAR: Ruben Markosyan

April 15 2016, 11:00

On 15 april, at 11:00, at L. A. Orbeli Institute of Physiology (1st floor, Conference Hall) will take place a presentation of Ruben Markosyan - PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular Biophysics and Physiology, Rush University Medical center, Chicago. The topic of presentation is "Mechanism of membrane fusion by viral envelope proteins".

New noninvasive method of intracranial pressure monitoring: HS-1000 "listens" to the brain

22 March 2016

A new noninvasive device for intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring has been developed by Israeli company HeadSense Medical Ltd. The device, which is called the HS-1000, is now being tested in many clinics around the world, including the US, Japan, several European countries, and several clinics in Armenia...

Nobel Days in Yerevan, Armenia

11-16 April 2016

Join us on 11-16 April 2016. The Nobel Laureates will tell you their stories...

Dissertation Defence - Mariya S. Grigoryan
Janurary 29, 2016 / 14:00

The study of morpho-functional correlates of the dynamics of fitness and sports skill of junior football players

Dissertation Defence - Aleksandr Jaghinyan
December 15, 2015 / 14:00

Features of integrative condition of the organisms of different levels of evolutionary development.

SEMINAR - Vahram Sargsyan

November 20, 2015, 12:00pm

On 20 November, at 12:00, at L. A. Orbeli Institute of Physiology will take place a presentation of Vahram Sargsyan - Researcher, PhD from Lab of Integrative Biology. The topic of presentation is "Influence of electromagnetic radiation on the physiological state of living systems".

The delegation of Russian scientists visited laboratories of the Institute of Physiology after L.A. Orbeli NAS RA

September 24, 2015

Dissertation Defence - Beniamin Badalyan

July 30, 2015 / 14:00

The parathyroid hormones action on the synaptic processes of spinal cord and substantia nigra neurons in parkinson’s disease model

Dissertation Defence - Mkrtich Hovhannisyan

July 10, 2015 / 14:00

Antinociceptive effect of sulfuric amino acid taurine against levantine viper venom.

The Brain in Focus: New Approaches to Imaging Neurons and Neural Circuits

17-20 April, 2016

Rungstedgaard, Denmark

Travel Grants for the 9th IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience

July 7-11, 2015

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Spring Brain Conference

October 11-14, 2015

The Neurobiology of Sleep and Circadian Rhythm
Copenhagen, Denmark

FEPS 2015

August 26-29, 2015

25th Meeting of the International Society for Neurochemistry

August 23-27, 2015

Cairns, Australia

Spring Brain Conference

April 19-22, 2015

Bridging Neural Mechanisms and Cognition
Copenhagen, Denmark

Dissertation Defence - Sirine Shogeryan

December 19, 2014

Evaluation of the brain functional state with information load and under different musical genres

Dissertation Defence - Anna Darbinyan

December 19, 2014

Mechanisms of taurine antitoxic action against Levantine Viper venom.

Dissertation Defence - Marat Jhangiryan

October 28, 2014

Comparative analysis of the characteristics of Cardiohemodynamic and somatometric indices of primary school. Age pupils of nkr studying by soviet and european Education system



Spinal neuronal mechanisms of motor disturbance in conditions of hypoparathyroidism



Synaptic processes in neurons of the spinal cord and substantia nigra omn the model of parkinson’s disease in conditions of protection with galarmin


16.05.14 – 19.05.14

St-Petersburg, Russia


09.04.14 – 12.04.14

Magdeburg, Germany



Assesment of effectiveness nucleo cmp and thyme after sciatic nerve crush



Investigation of psychological and psychophysiological status of patients with type 1&2 diabetes